A. Prime Minister Interest Free Loan (PMIFL) Scheme

Description: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund with the association of Federal Government of Pakistan has launched “Prime Minister Interest Free Loan Scheme” for the ultra-poor, who are below the poverty line according to the Poverty Score Card data conducted by BISP. PPAF the Partner Organization of SSF has granted 80 million for one year program as trial and SSF has successfully implemented this program in new areas of mainly two Districts Sanghar and Thatta where four branches would be opened as per the implementation plan. Interestingly, three branches have been established, two in District Sanghar (Tehsil Khipro – UCs “Mathoon Chanio and Kamil Hingoro” and one Branch in District Thatta Tehsil Thatta – UC Gharho and the second branch shall be inaugurated swiftly in UC Waar. These branches would target 4000 male female clients with equal loan distribution.

The scheme is focusing over the people are in the score of (0 – 40) and are registered in the conducted PSC data by PPAF and BISP. The IFL is extendable program and that ought to be for two years. The project IFL shall amplify the income generating resources and employability for the underprivileged segment of the society; this shall emancipate men, women and youth. A special focus shall also be given over the participation of women and youth as they become socially, morally, spiritually and domestically empowered. Moreover, it has been scheduled to build the capacity of unbanked people through delivering trainings of record keeping; saving, income generating act, financial management, livestock rearing and bearing trainings, as well as deliveries of credit, micro life and health insurance, skill enhancement and capacity building trainings to the clients are under the PSC calculations.


Updates As of April 2021
  District Sanghar     District Thatta  
No. of Loan Centers 2 No. of Loan Centers 4
No. of KRM (Karobari Rehnamae Markaz) 2 No. of KRM (Karobari Rehnamae Markaz) 4
Total Disbursement 435,220,000/- Total Disbursement 487,690,000/-
Total No. of Clients Disbursed 14,430 Total No. of Clients Disbursed 18,334
Total Application Received 14,697 Total Application Received 18,608
Total Female Clients Recieved 6038 Total Female Clients Recieved 16,902
Total Male Clients Recieved 8659 Total Male Clients Recieved 1706
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