Message From MD
Towards a New Financial Architecture

The headway prepared by SSF in the direction of decoding its dream and operations has become evident to be an absolute conclusive episode in the antiquity. We envisage being a leading financial institute who provides excellent microfinance services to unbanked entrepreneurs and productive poor families in order to create benefits for clients, shareholders and society.

Our company is becoming bigger each day, and I am confident of not only the potential of the microfinance segment but also of our capability to serve this segment.

SAFCO Support Foundation- SSF was conceptualized with the same intent – to drive the entrepreneurial spirit in the country. We have encouraged the small medium enterprises with ease of financing across diverse livestock, agriculture and enterprises sectors, helping them partner for the sustainable growth and development. Our endeavor is to tie up with more and more demand driven products so that we are able to service maximum number of borrowers. In fact, this year, the pickup in the agriculture sector was more conservative than expected. Hence, we are looking forward to the several reforms that are yet to be executed at ground level, which will push the agriculture sector growth.


SSF mainly responds to mitigate the curse / impact of poverty and has profited and benefited thousands of hundred male/female individuals and families with women head and fascinatingly our approaches to program are efficaciously escalating.  We as team are the prime implementer of various program / activities and the Board of Governance all the times direct us with their innovative and groundbreaking guidance at every step. Through the pioneering approaches we as team are assisting each other in accomplishing the vision and mission of the company. 


IDespite, to showcase the power-performance of operations, and to keep compliance we have developed the policies and procedures best suits with the universal standards and the web data management system which enable us to be on the right track for the right of borrowers. To hasten the operations, we made alliance with the national/international investors to transform their interest to invest for the promotion of operations and alleviation of poverty. The current status of company i.e. NBFC is the fundamentally evolution of bench-marking and we have embedded our existing performance and goal-setting for the upcoming eras.

Captivatingly, we shall be more capable to escalate our operational outreach and manage operations at viable scale. We would also carry-on struggling eradicating the poverty from the communities. Consequently, the deeds would lead us to provide access of basic human right – with the right approaches and in our view the right to earn reasonable living is also a human right.


We are taking on the company to effectively perform for the magnification and gratification of allied partners, donors, stakeholder, employees and clients as well as their hard work is praiseworthy and gigantically they are enduring all the tasks and providing fertilities for the future growth. Without their support it was not plausible to overcome the scarcities. We warmly welcome you to keep us up with your innovative ideas and perceptions regarding reduction of poverty and to make a healthier Company.

On behalf of SAFCO Support Foundation and the Board of Directors, I would hereby like to extend my respect and gratitude to our partners, our team, our clients and business partners who have always been on our side and have placed their trust in us.

Syed Sajjad Ali Shah
Managing Director
SAFCO Support Foundation

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