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Towards a New Financial Architecture

Dear Readers – Safco Support Foundation – “Sustainable Actions to Access Financial Capital Opportunities” – SAFCO is an independent Non-Banking Financial Company registered under the Rule 5 of NBFC (Establishment and Regulation) Rules, 2003, as amended through S.R.O.1002 (1)/2015 (the “Rules”), and being satisfied that it would be in the public interest so to do, in exercise of powers conferred by sub-rule (6) of rule 5 of the Rules.

SSF was instigated as “Credit Enterprise Development” a sector of Sindh Agriculture Forestry Workers’ Coordinating Organization – SAFWCO. Later on, SSF begun its leveraging endeavors later to sector CED alteration into Safco Support Foundation, and far-ahead separated from parental organization “SAFWCO”. The transformation conceded to pursuing “sustainable actions to access financial capital opportunities”.

I’m glad to share; SSF’s operates to deliver sustainable and innovative financial services which best suit the needs of unbanked and productive poor while ensuring SAFCO’s long term sustainability. At SSF, we offer loans to individuals have limited / no access to formal lending channels, to help them develop sustainable businesses. We believe financial services are a droit of poor, rather than a business


Objectively, we keep expanding the services in existing and non-existing rural / semi urban areas of Province Sindh Pakistan. On the other hand, to carry on with reduced operational costs we established branches and subsidiary branches at district/tehsil/UC and hamlet level to better treat and facilitate the poor and marginalized communities. We have been improving the quality of microfinance services especially in the remote areas like desert and coastal areas. As well as, to improve relationship with the clients we keep enterprise counseling as they can be at self-help.

Since 2001, we have been providing non-financial services primarily to men/women (borrowers and non-borrowers): the services include “Business Development” (training for business management and financial education, vocational training, individual business diagnosis, youth entrepreneurship program) “Product Quality Improvement” and “Marketing” (Product quality and control sessions, supplier trips, marketing and commercialization support); “Personal Development” (personal development session, awareness sessions, networking); “Provision to Toolkits and Equipment” (Post- hazard recover).


Henceforth, we also value clients’ participation in program development, treat personals with non-discrimination approaches, in loan distribution / collection we also worth transparency, and for the self-reliance we have designated the frontline staff who regularly meet the communities to be at self-help for own upgradation. Besides, at SSF we believe that team work is the only approach to cater the poverty and poorness. However, we the management has attired universal principles of client protection to better protect our clients and give them a preference in regard to social performance.


At SSF, we are one. We care about our team and capitalize their wisdom and advancement. We rely in a nation where we assist each other for the succession while holding-up ourselves accountable to the highest standards of brilliance. SSF aims to construct an environment which augments reliance, collaboration, inventiveness taking and reliability. At SSF, we have fabulous opportunities to shape youth as competent professionals and liable citizens with strong values.


We believe our anterior task is to scope inaccessible areas, more penurious, become more effective to amplify the worse circumstances of destitute communities as well as entirely diminish the poverty. We aim to be a provider of choice especially for women from the lacking income families. We welcome your concepts and thoughts in making Safco Support Foundation a better company. At the last part we management would like to demonstrate appreciativeness to staff for hard work and commitments

Bashir Ahmed Abro
Chief Executive Officer
SAFCO Support Foundation SSF

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