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Product Name: Live Stock Loan
Description: LS loans are also offered through the same channel with group guarantees but offered on a continual non-seasonal basis. Lending staff goes through a standard appraisal and assess the capacity of the household to manage another animal and their management expertise.  These loans are repaid on monthly, quarterly or six monthly installment basis.
Purpose of loan: Livestock loans may be taken for the following purposes but are not limited to these: Livestock fattening, Livestock trading and for purchase of Milking animals, Goat and sheep farming and  any other loan related to livestock.
Loan eligibility: Age 18-60, should have a CNIC, permanent resident of the locality, independent head of household.
Loan Amount: Rs.20,000 to 200,000
Financial Income:  23%
Emergency Fund: 1%
Loan duration: 1 to 12 months
Repayment option: Lump sum / up to 12 installment
Collateral: Group guarantee
Disbursement: To individual

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