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C. Enterprise Development (Retailing) Loan
Product Name: Enterprise Loan
Description: This loan is delivered to rural as well as urban poor who have income generating enterprises or other activities. Borrowers form small groups to cross guarantee each other and loans are issued based on individual loan appraisal approach of assessing business and household cash flow. Loans are amortized on monthly basis.
Purpose of loan: The Enterprise Development Loan may be taken for the following purposes but are not limited to these:
Grocery shops, Handicrafts, Procurement of animal for milk production, Repair of transport vehicles, Procurement of donkey cart, Mechanics workshop, Vegetable vendors, Barber shops, Electrician shops, Tea stalls or any business within the nature of a small enterprise
Loan eligibility: Age 18-60, should have a CNIC, permanent resident of the locality, independent head of household for development of existing enterprise.
Loan Amount: Rs.20,000 to 200,000
Financial Income: 23%
Emergency Fund: 1%
Loan duration: 1 to 12 months
Repayment option: up to 12 installment
Collateral: Group guarantee
Disbursement: To individual

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