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Product Name: School Improvement Loan

Description: Education has been a determining factor for the progress of human civilization.  The modern world is using education increasingly as an instrument for all-round development.  There is a growing and welcome realization amongst the developing countries that education is the key to development.   Education shapes the destiny of a nation.  The quality of manpower in any country ultimately determines the sustainable well - being of its people. Creation of social opportunities for all sections of society is a reflection of the progress of that society and education is the principal instrument for developing human capabilities.  Education, as a liberating force, fosters growth, promotes social equality and technological progress.  Globalization and the emergence of a new society more dependent on knowledge and information technology have further underlined the importance of education in pursuing developmental goals.
 Further, it has been observed that there is an urgent need for financial assistance to educational institutions in terms of investment in infrastructure to increase their enrollment and provide better academic facilities. 
 Under this Product, loans are provided for an expansion requirement of privately managed Educational Institutions/Schools. The expansion activity should be a revenue generating activity and could include opening up of new branch, construction of additional classrooms, computer labs, library, purchase of Computers, laboratory equipments and transport vehicles etc.

Purpose of loan: This loan may be taken for building of Additional classrooms, improvement of existing classrooms, Building or improving latrines, washrooms, Increase access to clean water, Increase access to energy/clean energy, Other investments that improve the education quality, organizing the school events and programs for children, parents and teachers.


Loan eligibility: Age 22-60, should have a CNIC, permanent resident of the locality, independent head of household
Loan Amount: Rs.50,000 to 500,000
Financial Income: 33%
Emergency Fund: 1%
Loan duration: 12 Month/ 18 Months/24 Months
Repayment option: Monthly/Quarterly Repayments on Decline Method
Collateral: One Reputable Person Social Guarantee
Disbursement: To individual

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